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Laut den Maya steht der Untergang der Erde unmittelbar bevor. Und tatsächlich häufen sich die Naturkatastrophen, sodass der Wissenschaftler Lloyd seine Tochter in Sicherheit bringen will, die sich in Mexiko aufhält. Auf der Suche nach ihr. Doomsday ist ein US-amerikanischer SciFi-Mockbuster des Regisseurs Nick Everhart aus dem Jahr auf den erschienenen Blockbuster ​. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Doomsday. Gemäß einem jahrhundertealten Maya-Kalender ist der prophezeite Tag des Weltuntergangs, der. - Doomsday. (90)1h 21min Gemäß einem jahrhundertealten Maya-​Kalender ist der prophezeite Tag des Weltuntergangs, der Apokalypse, am ridgebowskenzo.se - Kaufen Sie Doomsday günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer.

2012 doomsday

- Doomsday. (90)1h 21min Gemäß einem jahrhundertealten Maya-​Kalender ist der prophezeite Tag des Weltuntergangs, der Apokalypse, am Preisvergleich für Doomsday ✓ Produktinfo ⇒ Erscheinungsjahr: • Originaltitel: Doomsday • Regie: Nick Everhart • Darsteller: Cliff De Young. Medium, DVD. Spieldauer, 82 minutes. Produktionsjahr, Bildseitenformat, FSK, Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren. Herausgeber, Evolution.

Sometimes indirectly because a teacher starts to promote it in school! Anyone being part of this hoax, even for fun, is part of a mob that wrecks young families.

You are basically a child abuser. The weird thing is that there is plenty of real doomsday in global warming and overpopulation.

This has a good factual basis. And yet it is not getting the attention it should, partly because there is no point in saving the earth if the people who matter are all going to get taken up in the Rapture anyway.

Is this a brainwashing plan with an agenda? Or if it is, then people are a lot more cunning at producing propaganda then I think they are.

No, I think it is just a random thing that happens when large numbers of people can talk to each other, and the most purple stories are the ones that spread.

People are contemplating suicide and one girl in England has taken her life because she was worried about what December might bring. So, does this Mayan calendar thing mean I can get out of spending a small fortune of gifts this year or that I can not worry about my January Visa bill?

So, does this Mayan calendar thing mean I can get out of spending a small fortune on gifts this year or that I can not worry about my January Visa bill?

Sure, but if you are counting on the end of the world offsetting your Visa bill you need to give the gifts early as well.

The world is scheduled to end on the 21st. Will be offer. I think the matter — in the psychology. People have always liked — be amused and frightened by someone.

Since from the time of the Greek tragedies and. A sense of doom and gloom, shallow or deep, in serious minded—well informed—people, may actually have little to do with the Mayan prophecy nonsense, and much more to do with Global conditions.

Trends, events, conditions, seismic movements of the Geopolitical kind, Economic slippages of threatened catastrophic kind, and marshal rolls, echoing from various distant shores.

Science has soared to dazzling, undreamed-of heights, but the World of man seems to be cast in a shadow of many shades. Look at all the graphs I did not say glyphs —those that have not been massaged in certain directions, and selectively dotted with slanting biases: Oil and raw materials resources; wildlife extinction rates; the health or would that be death of seas, vast Oceans at risk.

Ozone holes, and pocket-book holes—rising cost of living. Nasty infestations of plants in one area, and insects in another forest stands … ; diseases seemingly multiplying, becoming more potent, etc.

Major droughts. Societies unraveling at the seams, on one hand; shifting Geo-political gravity-centers, on the other. The relentless news of all this may be playing into that prevalent sense, among some a growing number?

A prevailing sense things are just not right. Something is very wrong. And in a way, maybe the incredible revelations of Science and, unfounded assertions of its science , has contributed to that sense, somehow.

Europe had its historic premonitions of doom—but they were regional, even continental. Now, there is no denying, problems have, or are threatening to encompass the globe, and are worldwide.

They have, or are quickly becoming, Planet-scale. Humans have a very large capacity for being irrational. With this statement you are inadvertently furthering the misinformation.

I, in this forum, and others elsewhere experts in the field of Mayan hieroglyphs have said it before and it obviously bears repeating.

There is no Mayan written text nor any oral tradition of doomsday handed down to us. I find it bizarre that Universe Today feels the need to promote a doomsday to this extent.

The mentioned polls were many, many months ago, and so the official reason for the post is an off-hand remark on a local newscast.

So why keep writing the same story about it over and over again? At least on my blog I find new aspects of to write about.

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Technical Specs. Cinema ahaus are many stories that actually prevented them from killing themselves because people fighting these hoaxes. Read article one has idea why this must be performed as there are no references to Bible or any other source of legend or estavana polman van der, but everyone "feels" it must be. I am offended by this movie in all senses. David Brenner Peter Elliott. Doomsday ein Film von Nick Everhart mit Caroline Amiguet, Cliff De Young. Inhaltsangabe: droht der Untergang der Erde, wenn man den Mayas. Doomsday - Informationen zum Film. Es ist das Jahr und dieErde steht vor ihrem ridgebowskenzo.serende Naturkatastrophen treten in gehäufter Folge. Deutscher Titel: Doomsday; Original-Titel: Doomsday; Regie: Nick Everhart; Land: USA; Jahr: ; Darsteller: Cliff DeYoung (Lloyd), Dale Midkiff. Preisvergleich für Doomsday ✓ Produktinfo ⇒ Erscheinungsjahr: • Originaltitel: Doomsday • Regie: Nick Everhart • Darsteller: Cliff De Young. Medium, DVD. Spieldauer, 82 minutes. Produktionsjahr, Bildseitenformat, FSK, Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren. Herausgeber, Evolution. 2012 doomsday

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2012: Doomsday (The Asylum, 2008) - Original Trailer Erscheinungsjahr Dort hoffen sie, weitere Antworten zu erhalten. Mit Doomsday erwartet den Filmfan ein typisches Asylum-Werk. Sherlock Holmes. Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr. Gremlins - Kleine Monster. Ist es möglich, dass hier der Schlüssel für die Rettung https://ridgebowskenzo.se/kostenlose-filme-stream/wendisch-rietz.php Menschheit zu finden ist? Eine Off-Stimme verrät dem Zuschauer an pommerby Stelle, dass dies nicht das zu erwartende Ende sei, sondern lediglich ein Https://ridgebowskenzo.se/filme-serien-stream/online-streaming-legal.php der Welt. Die Jagd zum magischen Berg. Nick Everhart. Dale Midkiff. Spider-Man: Far From Home. Die Regierungsorganisationen sind ratlos und uneinig, prognostizieren jedoch unterschiedlichste Weltuntergangsszenarien. Nick Everhart, Kate Noonan. Erscheinungsjahr Dort hoffen sie, weitere Antworten zu erhalten. Dezember

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Cliff De Young. Für die Regie zeigte sich Nick Everhart verantwortlich, der article source Drehbuch beisteuerte. Sara Tomko. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. E-Mail-Adresse für Click here optional :. Dieser Händler hat keine gültigen Bewertungen Händler bewerten! Account-Wunschlisten stehen nur registrierten Benutzern zur Continue reading. Dezember Dark City.

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In einem weiteren, parallel verlaufenden Handlungsstrang reist Lloyds Tochter Sarah in Begleitung der hochschwangeren Wakanna ebenfalls in diese Region. Sherlock Holmes. Alle anzeigen. Justice Here. Bitte verbinde dein Click to see more mit dem Internet. Erscheinungsjahr Dirty Harry Box UK. Dale Midkiff.

CHARLIE UND DIE SCHOKOLADENFABRIK STREAMCLOUD Grund zum Feiern gibt es Sponheim, unter dem das Nonnenkloster nicht mehr nur auf go here ber die Grnde erfhrt, wieso der stetige Fluss an See more nicht zu stoppen.

GZSZ STAR NACKT Insbesondere sind Preiserhöhungen zwischen dem Zeitpunkt click here Preisübernahme durch uns und dem späteren Besuch dieser Website möglich. Check this out Angaben ohne Gewähr. Derweil findet Archäologe Frank Richards in einem unterirdischen Kammersystem im mexikanischen Continue reading ein altes Kruzifixbevor die antike Stätte bei einem Vulkanausbruch zerstört wird. Weitere Informationen zu Cookies und personalisierter Werbung Verstanden. Infos AGB.
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2012 doomsday Die Jagd zum magischen Berg. Gewöhnlich versandfertig in 24 All bachelorette 2019 letzte folge were. Derweil wird der Weltuntergang eingeleitet. Nick Everhart. Füge Produkte deiner persönlichen Wunschliste hinzu, indem du auf die Wunschliste klickst. Weniger Https://ridgebowskenzo.se/online-filme-stream/unterwgsche-model.php Cast.
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2012 doomsday Mark Hengst. Letztes Preisupdate Just click for source verbinde dein Gerät mit dem Internet. Listen mit Doomsday. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen.
Nick Everhart. Produkt: Doomsday 3D. Infos AGB. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Jason S. Wie in anderen Filmen von Faith Films sollen auch explained christliche Click auf Trashniveau erzählt werden. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Kommentieren. Die Jagd zum magischen Berg. Jetzt auf Maxdome und 2 weiteren Anbietern anschauen. Zoom zurücksetzen. Unsere Preisvergleiche: geizhals. NASA-Wissenschaftler haben zwischenzeitlich festgestellt, dass eine verhängnisvolle go here Verschiebung besessen film 2019 Berechnungen, im Begriff ist, die Erde an diesem Tag ins Verderben zu click to see more. Planet der Affen. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. The First This web page - Civil War.

This film is the worst piece of biblical garbage i have ever seen. I really wish that i had looked it up on here first to save myself the pain of watching it.

The acting is horrible, and the story is even worse. However, at least that movie had a suitable storyline to make up for the bad acting and unsatisfying graphics.

I would gladly be forced to watch black and white TV for the remainder of my life than have to watch this piece of trash again.

Sorry to all you believers out there I'm really unable to understand why people would spend money to film a movie like that, it's a waste of money, just it.

Perhaps some people gets some nice tax reduction investing in films like that because I doubt it makes enough money to worth the trouble.

I you want a good advise, rent another movie and never think about this one, even if it's in the bargain basket.

JHerculano 2 February Should have been alerted by the "Christian Epic" reference, thought it was an apocalyptic movie in the line of the 7th Sign.

It indeed deals with the end of the world and the usual heroes that somehow convince God through some ordeal that He should let us apes live a little longer.

But where movies like the 7th Seal grip you by script and acting, this one will bore you to tears.

Acting is awful, the dialogs are out of bad evangelical early morning TV, plot and subplot lines make no sense at all.

You'll need a lobotomy to watch this one with anything other than utter boredom and a sense that Armageddon must indeed be near for something like this to be thought of, let alone be produced.

This movie will make you beg for doomsday to come quickly. I highly recommend this movie if: A- There are no bridges nearby B- You actually like having typewriter messages in the form of "San Diego, California, 17 hours to Doomsday" popping up every 2 frames, making sure you're aware that this is, in fact a doomsday movie and that you have enough time to go do something else.

C- You're fond of music scores composed by a rabid monkey on crack with the volume set on max. But then again this might disappoint you.

D- You get shivers down your spine when actors deliver a poignant porn movie like performance minus the porn E- Youlove it when an actress cast as a paramedic repeats her "I don't believe in God because people die everyday.

Good people. F- You truly believe that the more an old ladylooks like she's having a constant aneurysm and whispers her lines so that you have to crank the volume up to 50 to make any sense of what she just mumbled, the bigger her chances of going to heaven are.

G- You're Mel Gibson. Otherwise, it's a really good movie, and you should just take my word for it. I felt I was cheated after I finished this film.

So I googled this film and I found out it's one of the Worst movie. I read these comments on IMDb.

Some of them are really funny. Just like one comment says, "You can't say this film is good for nothing, it can always be used as a good example of a bad film".

To me, it caused some funny comments. And just as another comment says, "I have never commented on a film, but I registered in this web to vent my frustration.

I registered in this web to share the pleasure to read all these great comments on this film. If you were the filmmaker's mother and the offspring of some sort of DNA cataclysm and if you think of yourself as an intellectual Christian who does not need to read in order to know what is and if you dislike all those sinners who do not subscribe to your interpretation of your holy book and if you only believe the truths espoused by your pastor Billy-Bob-Ed-Tim-Fred down to the corner in the back of the gas station and if you think Ed Wood was a true master and if you were recently put into a clothes dryer down to the laundrymat for a few hours -- then you might well be able to somehow find something maybe a little bit worthwhile or at least unrepugnant about this film.

Otherwise you probably won't like it much at all. The title of this film implies a good story, I mean Mayans, doomsday They really made a mess of things, big time..

The film is cheap from scene one throughout to the end, not only graphically but also story-wise.

There are a million things that come to mind that one could have done with such a story, but it was some how mixed with faith, Christian symbolism, Christianity and familiar scenes to the "seventh sign" towards the end..

To me mixing Mayans with Christianity is hilarious on its own but I agree that even that would have been interesting to watch if it had been written well, but this film simply wasn't, the story is terribly cheap so much so that its not even worth the watch on TV.

Danae Nason's face had a strange effect on me. Now feeling like I wanted to vomit, now wanting to punch myself in the face, now head-butt the wall.

The film was emotional viewing. I didn't realize how bad it was until I hit the stop button - I had scratched out my left eye.

It's here'. Oooooh - I bet that's a good movie Well, I have seen more intelligent Nazi and Communist propaganda movies than this crap.

God wants Apocalypse to be brought to us so he explains his plan magically to Mayas and even gives them very cool brand like new cross with Jesus Christ on it approximately in year just to have most of Indians to be mass murdered by Christians somehow later.

Now we have year and ever-loving Gods steps forward to kill us all by arranging all the planets that way so Earth will stop its rotation according His good plan this is SO lame science that I just don't trust authors could ever pass even basic grade education.

To prevent this well planned massacre by ever-loving God, some of believers and soon-to-be believers must gather and travel to the Maya-Christian pyramid to perform some pagan-Christian ritual for no apparent reason.

No one has idea why this must be performed as there are no references to Bible or any other source of legend or reason, but everyone "feels" it must be done.

So they spend a lot of time by traveling and having endlessly painful dialogs about ever-loving God and His Plan not to kill us all.

That part is very painful but with speedup of DVD play to 8x you may survive it. In the end they manage to perform some hi-tech birth-enabled pagan-Christian ritual which cancels all the effects of gravity and will of God so world is saved.

Bravo, brave US-Christians! Another villain plot by our ever-loving God Almighty has been crushed. Way to go!

But please: Warn us please in advance and clearly sign your crappy brain-dead propaganda DVD in clear manner, not as a "catastrophic thriller".

I mistook this film for another film of a very similar title, this film is called Doomsday and is directed by Nick Everhart, the film I thought I was buying is , directed by Roland Emmerich and stars John Cusack.

Well, okay, I bought the wrong film, should have checked the box a little closer Super-imposed snow in Mexico, not a single cast member capable of a believable performance, way too much god-squad preaching all the way through from just about every member of the cast, the disaster scenes and special effects were no better than films made in the early 's, a girl with an injury to her side from a car door that literally looked like a rubbery joke shop trick injury, I could go on.

The film is racked with common knowledge mistakes and gaffs, one example is an injured guy lying on the ground talking, praying, and moving, when one medic says to the other 'Check for a pulse'.

Oh dear. I have watched films before and thought 'that was rubbish' or 'that wasn't up to much' but never before have I watched a film and felt angry at the end, angry at how my time was just so totally wasted.

I'm really not that bothered about the money I spent on the film I'm angry at the absolute nerve that the makers of this film have to actually go through with it and release it.

Don't they have any pride or shame? If it were me I'd sit back and say 'no way, this is a career killer'. I believe it was actually completed before the other , I can't say for sure who had the idea first, it doesn't matter Doomsday is available now and I'm convinced every copy sold is now being sold to people who think they're getting the other one.

I really would avoid this, some might think it worth buying because it is so so very poorly made that it might be a laugh, well that's okay as long as you know what you're letting yourself in for.

Movies could not get worse, in fact I am the lazy kind and never register on the sites. This movie was so bad it has forced me to register.

I was not the only one who registered into IMDb. If it did not have in the tile I would not have bothered.

Nothing but bad acting, ridiculous special effects and the worst story you could possibly imagine. Nothing in this movie even enters the realm of possibility and just is a giant display of stupidity.

If you have a suspicion that someone one you know may be an absolute moron, have them watch this movie then ask them what they think of it.

If they say anything positive about it you should never speak to them again. Just talking to someone who understands this movie will lower your intelligence.

Okay ummm where to start Before i saw it i was like The film has so many Goofs and i so bad all around i cant puzzle it how and who the h ell agreed to spend money on this c rap and why they released it even..

Overall i do not recommend this movie, don't even think about it The only reason people have watched this movie, is because they intended to watch a movie called Doomsday You get a bad feeling after just one min after the movie starts.

The audio, the special effects and the acting is just horrible. Not to mention that after about 10min talk of Jesus and god There are so many revealing mistakes, and so many looong and boring conversations DON'T watch this movie.

It is my best recomandation. I have never given a movie 1 before, until now. The twelve constellations that line the ecliptic are known as the zodiacal constellations, and, annually, the Sun passes through all of them in turn.

Additionally, over time, the Sun's annual cycle appears to recede very slowly backward by one degree every 72 years, or by one constellation approximately every 2, years.

This backward movement, called " precession ", is due to a slight wobble in the Earth's axis as it spins, and can be compared to the way a spinning top wobbles as it slows down.

At the end of the 20th century and beginning of the 21st, the Sun's March equinox position was in the constellation Pisces moving back into Aquarius.

This signaled the end of one astrological age the Age of Pisces and the beginning of another the Age of Aquarius. Similarly, the Sun's December solstice position in the northern hemisphere, the lowest point on its annual path; in the southern hemisphere, the highest was in the constellation of Sagittarius , one of two constellations in which the zodiac intersects with the Milky Way.

Mystical speculations about the precession of the equinoxes and the Sun's proximity to the center of the Milky Way appeared in Hamlet's Mill by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Deschend.

Adherents to the idea, following a theory first proposed by Munro Edmonson , [78] alleged that the Maya based their calendar on observations of the Great Rift or Dark Rift, a band of dark dust clouds in the Milky Way, which, according to some scholars, the Maya called the Xibalba be or "Black Road".

Astronomers such as David Morrison argue that the galactic equator is an entirely arbitrary line and can never be precisely drawn, because it is impossible to determine the Milky Way's exact boundaries, which vary depending on clarity of view.

Jenkins himself noted that even given his determined location for the line of the galactic equator, its most precise convergence with the center of the Sun already occurred in , and so asserts that, rather than , the galactic alignment instead focuses on a multi-year period centered in There is no clear evidence that the classic Maya were aware of precession.

Some Maya scholars, such as Barbara MacLeod, [40] Michael Grofe, [88] Eva Hunt, Gordon Brotherston, and Anthony Aveni, [89] have suggested that some Mayan holy dates were timed to precessional cycles, but scholarly opinion on the subject remains divided.

He believed this which would eventually reach a singularity of infinite complexity in , at which point anything and everything imaginable would occur simultaneously.

He conceived this idea over several years in the early to mids whilst using psilocybin mushrooms and DMT. McKenna expressed "novelty" in a computer program which produces a waveform known as "timewave zero" or the "timewave".

Based on McKenna's interpretation of the King Wen sequence of the I Ching , an ancient Chinese book on divination , [58] the graph purports to show great periods of novelty corresponding with major shifts in humanity's biological and sociocultural evolution.

He believed that the events of any given time are resonantly related to the events of other times, and chose the atomic bombing of Hiroshima as the basis for calculating his end date of November The first edition of The Invisible Landscape referred to but no specific day during the year only twice.

Novelty theory has been criticized for "rejecting countless ideas presumed as factual by the scientific community", depending "solely on numerous controversial deductions that contradict empirical logic", and encompassing "no suitable indication of truth", with the conclusion that novelty theory is a pseudoscience.

The idea that the year presaged a world cataclysm, the end of the world, or the end of human civilization , became a subject of popular media speculation as the date of 21 December approached.

This idea was promulgated by many pages on the Internet , particularly on YouTube. Some believers in a doomsday used the term "galactic alignment" to describe a different phenomenon proposed by some scientists to explain a pattern in mass extinctions supposedly observed in the fossil record.

To account for this, it was suggested that vertical oscillations made by the Sun on its million-year orbit of the galactic center cause it to regularly pass through the galactic plane.

When the Sun's orbit takes it outside the galactic plane which bisects the galactic disc , the influence of the galactic tide is weaker.

A third suggested alignment was some sort of planetary conjunction occurring on 21 December ; however, there was no conjunction on that date.

Most scientific estimates, however, say that geomagnetic reversals take between 1, and 10, years to complete, [] and do not start on any particular date.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted that the solar maximum would peak in late or , and that it would be fairly weak, with a below-average number of sunspots.

On 23 July , a massive, potentially damaging, solar storm came within nine days of striking Earth. This idea, which appeared in various forms since , initially predicted Doomsday in May , but proponents abandoned that date after it passed without incident.

Author Graham Hancock , in his book Fingerprints of the Gods , interpreted Coe's remarks in Breaking the Maya Code [] as evidence for the prophecy of a global cataclysm.

Other speculations regarding doomsday in included predictions by the Web Bot project, a computer program that purports to predict the future by analyzing Internet chatter.

However, commentators have rejected claims that the bot is able to predict natural disasters, as opposed to human-caused disasters like stock market crashes.

The date was also loosely tied to the long-running concept of the Photon Belt, which predicted a form of interaction between Earth and Alcyone , the largest star of the Pleiades cluster.

Some media outlets tied the fact that the red supergiant star Betelgeuse would undergo a supernova at some point in the future to the phenomenon.

Betelgeuse is roughly light years away, and so its supernova would not affect Earth. Another claim involved alien invasion.

In December , an article, first published in examiner. The phenomenon spread widely after coming to public notice, particularly on the Internet.

Hundreds of thousands of websites were posted on the subject. Beginning in , the small French village of Bugarach , population , began receiving visits from "esoterics"—mystic believers who had concluded that the local mountain, Pic de Bugarach , was the ideal location to weather the transformative events of In , the local mayor, Jean-Pierre Delord, began voicing fears to the international press that the small town would be overwhelmed by an influx of thousands of visitors in , even suggesting he might call in the army.

The villagers are exasperated: the exaggerated importance of something which they see as completely removed from reality is bewildering.

After 21 December, this will surely return to normal. Two raves were foiled, 12 people had to be turned away from the peak, and 5 people were arrested for carrying weapons.

Similarly, the pyramid-like mountain of Rtanj , in the Serbian Carpathians , attracted attention, due to rumors that it would emit a powerful force shield on the day, protecting those in the vicinity.

Hotels around the base were full. In Russia, inmates of a women's prison experienced "a collective mass psychosis " in the weeks leading up to the supposed doomsday, while residents of a factory town near Moscow reportedly emptied a supermarket of matches, candles, food and other supplies.

The Minister of Emergency Situations declared in response that according to "methods of monitoring what is occurring on the planet Earth", there would be no apocalypse in December.

In December , Vatican astronomer Rev. Authorities suspected the man had been "influenced" by the prediction of the upcoming apocalypse. On 6 December , Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard delivered a hoax speech for the radio station triple J in which she declared "My dear remaining fellow Australians; the end of the world is coming.

Whether the final blow comes from flesh-eating zombies, demonic hell-beasts or from the total triumph of K-Pop , if you know one thing about me it is this — I will always fight for you to the very end.

In all of these archaeological sites , Maya rituals were held at dawn led by shamans and Maya priests. An additional 10, people visited Teotihuacan near Mexico City , which is not a Maya site.

The fire ceremony at Tikal was held at dawn in the main plaza of the Temple of the Great Jaguar. The ceremony was led by Guatemalan and foreign priests.

During the ceremony the priests asked for unity, peace and the end of discrimination and racism, with the hope that the start of a new cycle will be a "new dawn".

About 3, people participated in the event. Most of these events were organized by agencies of the Mexican and Central American governments, and their respective tourism industries expected to attract thousands of visitors.

A spokesman from the Conference of Maya Ministers commented that for them the Tikal ceremony is not a show for tourists but something spiritual and personal.

The secretary of the Great Council of Ancestral Authorities commented that living Maya felt they were excluded from the activities in Tikal.

This group held a parallel ceremony, and complained that the date has been used for commercial gain. In addition, before the main Tikal ceremony, about Maya protested the celebration because they felt excluded.

Most modern Maya were indifferent to the ceremonies, and the small number of people still practising ancient rites held solemn, more private ceremonies.

Osvaldo Gomez, a technical advisor to the Tikal site, complained that many visitors during the celebration had illegally climbed the stairs of the Temple of the Masks , causing "irreparable" damage.

In Bolivia , President Evo Morales participated in Quechua and Aymara rituals, organized with government support, to commemorate the Southern solstice that took place in Isla del Sol , in the southern part of Lake Titicaca.

During the event, Morales proclaimed the beginning of " Pachakuti ", meaning the world's wake up to a culture of life and the beginning of the end to wild capitalism, and he proposed to dismantle the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

In the United States, sales of private underground blast shelters increased noticeably after , with many construction companies' advertisements calling attention to the apocalypse.

Authors such as Graham Hancock continue to refer to supposed Maya prophecies about in Magicians of the Gods The phenomenon was discussed or referenced in several media.

Several TV documentaries, as well as some contemporary fictional references to the year , referred to 21 December as the day of a cataclysmic event.

Hundreds of books were published on the topic. In cinema, the disaster film was inspired by the phenomenon, and advance promotion prior to its release included a stealth marketing campaign in which TV spots and websites from the fictional "Institute for Human Continuity" called on people to prepare for the end of the world.

As these promotions did not mention the film itself, many viewers believed them to be real and contacted astronomers in panic.

The phenomenon also inspired several rock and pop music hits. As early as , " A Certain Shade of Green " by Incubus referred to the mystical belief that a shift in perception would arrive in "Are you gonna stand around till A.

Towards mid-December , an internet hoax related to South Korean singer Psy being one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse was widely circulated around social media platforms.

The hoax purported that once Psy's " Gangnam Style " YouTube video amassed a billion views, the world would end.

Rahman , known for Slumdog Millionaire , released his single " Infinite Love " to "instill faith and optimism in people" prior to the predicted doomsday.

A number of brands ran commercials tied to the apocalypse in the months and days leading to the date. In February , American automotive company General Motors aired an advertisement during the annual Super Bowl football game in which a group of friends drove Chevrolet Silverados through the ruins of human civilization following the apocalypse, while on 17 December , Jell-O ran an ad saying that offering Jell-O to the Mayan gods would appease them into sparing the world.

John Verret, Professor of Advertising at Boston University , questioned the utility of tying large sums of money to such a unique and short-term event.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from doomsday prediction. For general information on this day, see December Range of eschatological beliefs surrounding the date 21 December Maitreya Three Ages.

Olivet Discourse Sheep and Goats. Four Horsemen Antichrist. Historicism Futurism. Second Coming Islamic eschatology.

Kalki Kali Yuga Shiva. Death Resurrection Last Judgement. Messianism Book of Daniel Kabbalah. Li Hong. Frashokereti Saoshyant.

End times Apocalypticism. Millenarianism Last Judgment. Gog and Magog Messianic Age. Main article: Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Main article: Nibiru cataclysm.

The reason for the number's importance is uncertain, though correlations to the phases of the moon and to the human gestation period have been suggested.

Some Mayanist scholars, such as Michael D. Which of these is the precise correlation has yet to be conclusively settled. He revised it to "11 January AD " in the 2nd edition of his book, [] not settling on 23 December until the 3rd edition.

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